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Decorating on a Budget | Faux Farmhouse on 9

Hey hey!  So I told you in my blog yesterday, I’d be sharing a few ways I have been decorating on a budget.  I’m sure you all know after buying a new home and getting the necessity furniture, there isn’t much left for fun.  I needed side tables, but I just couldn’t spend the money on the ones I really wanted right now.  

decorating on a budget table tray 2
See those side tables.  Very handy.

On one of my many WalMart trips, a light bulb went off.  See sometimes my trips do come in handy Keith.  He would probably disagree, but I beg to differ.  Okay, so back to my light bulb moment.  I walked by a table tray and all of a sudden it hit me, I could paint that and have a side table!  Seriously, $9.94 and a can of chalk paint and I have a table, that can work in the budget!  

Then as I shopped a little longer, I realized I have a whole box of those we never used.  So back the tray goes to the shelf.  Yep, all they cost me were a can of Rust-Oleum CHALKED ultra matte paint in linen white.  They aren’t perfect, but they fit in with my farmhouse look and they are fully functional!  You can get yours here, too if you want to try my tip.  For now they are working for me and I won’t be spending tons of money on new ones for a while.

Table Tray decorating on a budget
From natural to white.

Don’t be afraid to look around your house and see what you may just need to repaint to work in your home.  I’ve painted so many things.  Those stars you see in the above photo, they used to be a red color.  That farmhouse sign was an ugly green and had a hanger on it.  Took the metal hanger off and painted it my favorite color aqua and bam it fits my style!  

I hope you continue to join me for my little tips and photos.  Until next time.

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