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Louisiana Snow Day 2018

It hardly ever snows here in Louisiana, so when it does, it’s a big deal and you have to get pictures of it. Not only do we have to get pictures in it, but the whole state pretty much shuts down. We had our first snow in a couple of years on January 16th. I know the exact date because it happened to be our baby boy’s 11 month birthday! I was so excited when we woke up and it was all white outside! It was his first snow ever and it just happened to be on his monthly bday. So in photographer fashion, I had to capture his monthly pictures in it. We made a super quick run out and grabbed a few shots then back in we went. I didn’t want him to get sick, but we had to capture that moment! At first he wasn’t too sure, but he quickly wanted to play in it. I would say this was definitely my favorite snow day ever! I love being able to capture all these firsts with him, and I can’t wait to capture more! Here’s a few of our pics.


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