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My Baby You’ll Always Be | Lukas Kol

Here it is almost the end of another year, and my baby is almost 2 (will be in Feb).  No matter what though, my baby you’ll always be.  This year he has changed and grown so much.  It’s sad, but at the same time I love seeing him learn and explore new things.  It’s been such a fun year.

Saying it’s been a fun year, does not mean it hasn’t been tough.  Parents you know what I mean.  Somedays you just want to pull all your hair out, but at the end of the day, there is nothing more important than your baby.  He may not be much of a baby anymore, but he’ll always be MY baby.  

With all that being said, I just wanted to share a few photos of Luke’s year.  After all, he is my life and everything is about him.  I plan to keep it that way too.  

In his new room after I got all his Mickey stuff.  January, 2018
Mickey bday pics
Valentine’s Day pics.  How cute he is!!  
Our baseball bday pics because we had a baseball birthday party!
Cutest little slugger ever!
Easter pics
May, 2018
July 4th pic
Cotton pics September, 2018
October, 2018
Halloween pics, lol
Riding a pony at mama’s photoshoot.  November, 2018
Christmas tree farm pic.  True photographer’s child.

There will be many more pics to come this year before it ends, but these are just a few of my fave so far.  How he’s changed so much is unreal, especially since the day he came here.  They really do grow up too fast. 

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