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Stay True to Yourself | Fashion Forward Fridays

It’s Friday!!! I know you’re all cheering about making it through another week! Welcome back to Fashion Forward Fridays with me! Today I’m discussing choosing your outfits for your shoot while staying true to yourself.

I know choosing outfits can be such a hard thing to do as I struggle with this when we have our photos done as well. The one important thing to remember is, be yourself. Don’t be someone else just because you’re getting your portraits done, stay true to yourself. Just because everyone is wearing a certain clothing item right now, doesn’t mean you have to if you’re not comfortable in it. I absolutely love those cute little booties with the heels, but I really don’t want to break my neck while wearing them, so I’m not wearing them even for the photo. You’re really not into cowgirl boots? That’s fine, don’t wear them just because everyone else is. Be yourself! I can’t stress this enough.

There are so many cute outfits out there for whatever your style is, so rock it! Rock you!

Below is a few ideas for clothing styles with some of my past clients. All of them stayed true to themselves, as should you.


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