The Day My Life Changed Forever | Personal

February 16, 2017, that’s the day my life changed forever. That was the day my baby boy was born.

It all started with me coming into the hospital the night before at 2330. They started me on the pitocin drip around 0130.  I had no sleep at all that night.  It could have been from anticipation, the uncomfortable bed, the fact that I was getting up every 30 minutes to go to the bathroom or a little of all of the above. Around 0730 that morning is when things got officially real, the doctor came in and broke my water and not long after I got my epidural.  Getting that epidural was no piece of cake, it took 3 times, but they finally got it and life was good…for a little while that is, until it wore off.  They gave me more meds, but nothing helped the pain. So the option was get another epidural, which I really didn’t want to endure again or natural child birth, no thank you. So 4 more sticks and I have an epidural again, yes that’s a total of 7 times I was stuck for an epidural. Now I had two different anesthesiologists so I’m not blaming them, it was just the way my body was made unfortunately. Guess what, this one didn’t help at all. I was still in excruciating pain. I was dilated to 6.5, but he was not descending. I was begging for a c-section, finally they told me that I’d be getting one at 1945, hallelujah! Funny thing is, I always thought I’d have to get a c-section. Call it mother’s intuition if you will, but I just didn’t have a good feeling about labor.

At 1959, my world was forever changed. Our sweet little baby boy Lukas Kol was born! The moment I saw him, I knew life would be completely different, in a good way. He weighed 7.5 lbs and was 19 inches long. Pure sweetness, that’s what he is. Life is amazing with that little blessing. I’ve always been told you never know until you have your own, that is so true. I never knew my heart could hold so much love. He is my world. I love our now family of three.




Here he was at 7 days old. Photo by Milisa Pickett Photography.

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