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Welcome Home | Faux Farmhouse on 9

Hello again!  I  know it’s been a long time since I’ve been here.  We’ve been a little busy as we moved!  So I’ve been busy trying to get everything organized and decorated.  Moving is very hard on an OCD person like me who likes everything in it’s certain spot.  I still have boxes stacked.  Maybe one day I’ll get it all back together.  I just keep telling myself it took me 15 years to get everything in it’s place before, so I can’t do it all in a few months.  I still don’t listen to myself though.  

Since moving, I have taken up a major love for decorating.  I’m a wannabe HGTV star.  Hey we can all dream right!  Anyway, Joanna is definitely my inspiration for all my decorating.  I’m turning this house into my dream farmhouse one decor item at a time.  I call it our Faux Farmhouse on 9.

I’m seriously in love with our kitchen.  It is everything I always wanted.  We have lots of light and a HUGE island.  It’s seriously my fave part of our house and I don’t even like to cook much.  

There are still lots of things I have planned to do, but I thought I’d show y’all a few pics so far.  I’ll be showing y’all a few tips on things I did to save major money in future blogs.  If you want to see more photos daily, go to my instagram here.

See all that beautiful light!!
We all need a little Joanna in our kitchen!
A few of my favorite items.
The photo on the left is the other side of our kitchen.  The right is our dining room.
It’s all decorated for Christmas right now, but this is our living room as you walk in.  The furniture is gray, not brown as it appears in this photo.  I’ve went with mostly neutrals with a little turquoise thrown in.
Y’all this is the cheapest table ever!!  Literally, it’s a wash tub placed over one of those cheap round tables from WalMart!!  It goes great with my farmhouse style.
I’ve wanted a Texas Star bed forever, but I didn’t want that natural color.  I was so excited when I found a furniture store that could get me one in white!!  My dreams came true!!

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