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Why You Should Hire a Makeup Artist for your Portraits

When having your portraits done, you shouldn’t be stressing over your makeup and that’s why I’m telling you why you should hire a makeup artist for your portraits today. I highly recommend seniors hire a makeup artist, but it’s an awesome treat for couples or family portraits as well. One less thing to worry about when planning your shoot, why not?

Why Should I Hire a Makeup Artist?

1. A makeup artist knows what products to use that are best for photographs. The camera will pick up every little detail that the human eye doesn’t normally, so having the right makeup on can make a world of difference.

2. A makeup artist knows how to match the makeup to your skin tone perfectly, how to highlight and contour to make your face slimmer, and cover up blemishes such as pimples.

3. A makeup artist knows how to apply the makeup on so that it doesn’t immediately sweat off your face, that is especially important in our humid state of Louisiana.

4. You know how awesome you feel after getting your hair done? Well, after getting your makeup done, you will feel just as good, if not better! You will see yourself in a whole new beautiful way you may not have before. The makeup artist knows how to bring out your best features to make you feel your most beautiful.

5. Having a makeup artist doesn’t mean you won’t look like yourself. You don’t have to apply tons of makeup or go all crazy with it. A makeup artist knows how to put just the amount on your face to make it look like you have none on if you want a super natural look. In my opinion, natural looks are the best for your portraits, unless you’re doing a themed shoot.

These are just a few of my reasons to hire a makeup artist for your shoot. You will be thankful you did.

If you do hire a makeup artist, make sure you come to the session with a clean face so they have a clean canvas to work with.

Here’s a few photos from sessions where my seniors had their makeup done. It makes a world of difference when editing your photos, too.


11 thoughts on “Why You Should Hire a Makeup Artist for your Portraits

  1. Great Advice for your clients! I think it is so important to look your best when getting your photos done because you will never regret it once you see the finished product!

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